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Anne Hathaway gets "Interstellar"

Anne Hathaway will once again work with director Christopher Nolan.

11 Apr – Anne Hathaway will next be working alongside director Christopher Nolan again after last working together in "The Dark Knight Rises".

No details have been revealed on what Catwoman will play next, but the upcoming science fiction film titled "Interstellar" will revolve around time travel and alternate dimensions. The film will also see a group of explorers travel through a wormhole.

So far, Matthew McConaughey is the only actor confirmed to join the cast, and will be playing a character named Cooper.

Matthew McConaughey with Kate Hudson in "Fool's Gold".

Nolan's brother, Jonathan Nolan developed the script with physicist Kip Throne. The story is said to depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.

The film is set to open in the US on 7 November 2014 and the dates for Malaysia and Singapore release is expected to be around the same time frame as well.