Censor defends Namewee

Censor defends Namewee

Filmmaker Namewee.

27 Aug – Local news source Utusan Malaysia targeted controversial local filmmaker Namewee a while ago because of a controversy in his latest film, "Kara King".

The scene shows Namewee, who plays the lead role, relieving himself by the roadside and while attempting to turn around to bribe a policeman, he accidentally urinates on a Malay couple passing on a motorcycle.

Utusan Malaysia's weekly edition, Mingguan Malaysia, claimed that the scene was disrespectful to the Malay community.

"What's the fuss about the scene? I do not know how Utusan could have interpreted it as being insulting to Malays," said Film Censorship Board chairman Datuk Raja Azhar Raja Abdul Manap regarding the issue.

Namewee with the stars of "Kara King".

Though the news source targeted Namewee saying that Malaysian censors are bothered by the scene, the real Malaysian censors beg to differ.

Raja Azhar also added, "The urine accidentally splashed on the Malay couple. This is a comedy. It depicts the behaviour of the lead actor and his bad manners. There is nothing racial about it. That is why we allowed the scene. We look at the whole picture, not just the one scene alone. There is a message in the movie. The lead actor was of bad character and he eventually became good. If the scene was cut, the behaviour of the actor would not be portrayed to viewers. I don't know how Utusan could have interpreted it that way."

Even Namewee himself used to his Facebook page to urge Utusan to stop playing the race card, "As we all know, my films encourage the spirit of 'One Malaysia'. No matter what race you are, every Malaysian has equal opportunity to participate in my film. Only those racists would focus on race."

"Kara King" was released nationwide on August 1 but only recieved moderate returns at the box office.

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