David Teo likes Yana Samsudin

David Teo likes Yana Samsudin

(Left) David Teo is going to make Yana Samsudin a MIG superstar this year.

4 Jan – Creating a superstar in the movie industry is not as easy as one imagines but David Teo, the Chief Executive Officer of Metrowealth International Group (MIG) is willing to put in more effort to make Yana Samsudin, the main actress of "Minyak Dagu" a huge star for his company and Malaysia.

"She's a very talented actress and I see her potential. After "Minyak Dagu", the fans will get to see her in "Wawa Semput" and "Cerita Kita". We'll make her the heroine in our movies more often so that she becomes MIG's biggest superstar," claimed Major David Teo.

Yana Samsudin as Emelda in "Minyak Dagu".

Teo was very excited to kickstart the new year with Azhari Zain's latest directorial feature and MIG's 71st production, "Minyak Dagu", starring Samsudin, Fezrul Khan and Fizo Omar. The film follows a salesman named Azman, who tries to get his fiancée Emelda back by using a curse provided by a Malay shaman, which causes Emelda to be haunted by ghosts.

Apart from promoting "Minyak Dagu", Teo also expressed his own opinions on the controversial Compulsory Screening Scheme (Wajib Tayang) enforced by FINAS.

"The Compulsory Screening Scheme is implemented in order to protect the local producers and their productions. For those filmmakers who think that they can be successful without the protection given by the scheme, they will be the first one to call for bankruptcy," said Teo.

He added, "My success came from the scheme. Looking back at the local cinema history, the cinemas tend to favour more to Hollywood films and local films were always being neglected. I've been through those tough times. For those of you have not been through the situation and still going against the scheme, you are truly not aware of what is going on here."

"Minyak Dagu" is showing in Malaysian cinemas now.

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