"Fast 7" on hiatus

"Fast 7" on hiatus

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

5 Dec – The post-mortem examination has found that Hollywood actor Paul Walker's death in the car crash that occurred in California last Saturday was caused by both injuries from impact and the ensuing fire.

According to a report on BBC, the Los Angeles County Coroner revealed that both Walker and the driver, Roger Rodas had died seconds after the crash, and the latter killed from impact injuries alone.

On the other hand, investigators reported that speed was the cause of the single-car crash, though more thorough examination will continue to be done.

The result of toxicology tests will not be available for the time being.

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures has recently announced that the production of "Fast & Furious 7", which starred the late actor, is going on a hiatus.

James Wan (left) directing on the "Fast 7" set.

On 4 December, the studio released a statement confirming that the production will be shut down for an unknown period while they reassess the franchise's direction in the wake of Walker's death.

Lead producer, Neal Moritz and director, James Wan will be focusing on revising the script as well as determining the significance of Walker's presence in the final film.

If the issue can be worked within a few weeks, the studio said that they could still make it to the 11 July release, though an extended hiatus may possibly delay the movie to 2015.