Free screenings at GSC CityOne!

Free screenings at GSC CityOne!

Many turned up at for the free screenings at GSC Bintang Megamall, which was opened on 7 February 2013, the first GSC cinema in Sarawak.

3 Apr – Movie fans and shoppers get ready: Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) will be having free movie screenings starting this weekend, 6 April 2013 to 10 April 2013, to celebrate their official opening on Thursday, 11 April 2013.

The movies selected for the free screenings are "The Wedding Diary 2", "Istanbul Akan Datang", "CZ12", "War Of The Worlds Goliath", "Here Comes The Boom", "The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2", "Wreck it Ralph", "The Tower", "Upside Down" and "Sinister".

To enjoy the offer, movie fans have to cut out GSC free screening coupons via the newspaper, GSC website GSC Facebook, CityOne Megamall Facebook or the shopping mall information counter to exchange for two free tickets each.

The GSC free screening coupon.

GSC CityOne is the first cinema in East Malaysia with a THX hall. THX provide the audience with a better audio-visual experience as the cinema is specially designed to reproduce the acoustics and ambience of the movie studio during the final mastering. In addition to having a THX-certified hall, GSC CityOne is fully digital.

The cinema can be found on the third level of the shopping mall, with 10 screens in total. THX halls that are available in West Malaysia are located in GSC Mid Valley, GSC Signature at The Gardens, GSC Pavilion, GSC 1 Utama, GSC Summit USJ and GSC Gurney Plaza.

GSC's balloon giveaway.

Parents and their kids can participate in the sand art activity.

In conjunction with the cinema opening on April 11, the first 1000 patrons will receive a "Buy 2 Free 1" coupon with any transaction made over the box office counter, while with every purchase of a large Caramel Combo 3, GSC patrons will be rewarded with a special "Eco-Bag".

Aside from free movie screenings, there will be family-friendly activities as well, such as balloon giveaways, clown appearances, a 3D puzzle game and wind chamber to win GSC complementary passes and sand art.

GSC CityOne is the only other GSC cinema in Sarawak, alongside GSC Bintang Megamall in Miri.

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