Hans outraged by censorship

Hans outraged by censorship

Hans Isaac at the "Lawak ke Der 2" premiere.

27 Mar – There are reasons to why Hans Isaac, director and producer of "Lawak Ke Der 2" is angry and disappointed towards the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF), the main reason being the 18SX classification given to the film that resulted in negative consequences.

Aside from the lack of ticket sales, Hans Isaac was also and perhaps more so, annoyed with how the LPF had given him and his movie an unsatisfactory reason as to why they had classified the film 18SX.

"When asked why the film was classified 18SX, the answer given was really disappointing. They responded with how the men were dressed as ladies in the film. To me, that reason isn't justifiable because if you view it on television, it would seem normal!"

According to the LPF, this deserved an 18SX classification.

"But what made me even angrier was that not only they cut 13 chapters, they labelled it with an unnecessary classification. What is the use of them if they just keep giving classifications like these? My film has become the victim."

The third instalment to the "Lawak Ke Der" series was also planned for performance in Istana Budaya, but Hans had said that it is to be cancelled.

"We're going through some problems to produce the next instalment as it is currently a very busy time for us. But "Lawak Ke Der 2" will be shown on Astro First on 28 March. We want audiences to be familiar with the second instalment before proceeding to the next one."

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