"Ikal Mayang" goes to Busan

"Ikal Mayang" goes to Busan

Some of the writers and directors of the "Ikal Mayang" project: (from left) Sharifah Amani, Junad Md Nor, Shamaine Othman, Melissa Saila, Fauziah Nawi, Aida Fitri Buyong, Soefira Jaafar, Christina Orow, Susan Lankester and Mislina Mustaffa.

11 Sep – Six of the 15 short films selected from the "Ikal Mayang" project are to be screened at the 18th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF 2013) in South Korea from 6 to 10 October.

The works selected are "Jerat Suami" directed by Dira Abu Zahar, "1-800-BABY" by Sofia Jane Hisham, "Pantang" by Vanidah Imran, "Odah" by Junaidah M. Nor, "Berat Sebelah" by Melissa Saila, and "She" by Ida Nerina. In addition to these six films, 56 other international works were selected for screening under the segment called "A Window on Asian Cinema".

According to Executive Producer of "Ikal Mayang" and founder of Garang Pictures, Lee Sue May, movie selections under the "Ikal Mayang" project to be screened at international festivals could be seen as a form of recognition to the work done by local female directors.

"Jerat Suami" director Dira Abu Zahar.

""A Window on Asian Cinema" is a segment that introduces new and original works of Asian film directors who are talented in pursuing various styles and different views," he said.

"Ikal Mayang", is an anthology of short films initiated by Kakiseni's "WOMEN: Girls", which is published by Garang Pictures and Big Eyes Entertainment, launched on Women's Day last March. Featuring a total cast of 105 people, filming "Ikal Mayang" took 32 days with a crew of 40 people working behind the scenes.

The name of the project "Ikal Mayang" means long, wavy, dark hair in Malay. Being distinctly Malaysian, the term referring to the crowning glory of Asian women was selected for the name of the project.

The films were also written and directed by famous female personalities including Nanu Baharudin, Sharifah Amani, Elaine Daly, Fauziah Nawi, Mislina Mustaffa, Aida Fitri, Carmen Soo, Shamaine Othman and Junad Md Nor.

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