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Jake Gyllenhaal in "Nightcrawler"

Writer: Ng Suzhen

Jake Gyllenhaal will play a crime reporter in upcoming indie film.

29 Apr – After playing crime reporter Robert Graysmith in "Zodiac", Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing yet another crime reporter in upcoming indie noir thriller "Nightcrawler".

The actor will be starring alongside Rene Russo as a driven freelance journalist drawn into the Los Angeles criminal nightlife. The film will be directed by Dan Gilroy, who co-wrote the "The Bourne Legacy" with brother, Tony Gilroy.

Tony Gilroy had helmed all four of the "Bourne" franchise.

Gyllenhaal will also be producing the film with both Gilroy brothers. He was last seen in "End Of Watch" while Russo will soon appear in theatres as Frigga in "Thor: The Dark World", showing in theatres nationwide on 31 October.

Cinema Online, 29 April 2013

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