"KL Gangster 2" gets RM 500,000 in 3 days

"KL Gangster 2" gets RM 500,000 in 3 days

Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak in "KL Gangster 2".

1 Oct – Despite issues with piracy, "KL Gangster 2" has raked in RM 500,000 in a span of three days just from late night screenings alone. The late night screenings of the film started last Friday and are available at 101 cinemas nationwide.

It seems like there are many who are still interested to see the final product of director Syamsul Yusof's work even after the film has been leaked online and illegally sold as VCDs and DVDs in night markets. Datuk Yusof Haslam, Syamsul's father and producer of "KL Gangster 2", said the positive response from the public is very enlightening.

"Actually, late night screenings for Malay films has not been in practice for a long time. However, I am brave enough to do it as I want to see what the public's response is after what happened [piracy] recently."

Datuk Yusuf Haslam.

"I applaud the viewers who still went to the cinema to watch the film even though there are those that have already watched it on VCD. As a whole, fans are not satisfied with the pirated VCD copy as it does not have computer generated imagery (CGI), the colours are faded, and the sound quality is unsatisfactory."

"From our observation, most of the cinema goers are from the city. I also found that many from rural areas are not aware of the late night screenings and still think that it will only start screening this Thursday."

"KL Gangster 2" tells the story of two siblings who are thrust headlong into the world of gangsters and crime after their father's death 10 years ago, which left them with a huge debt to the gang.

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