"KL Gangster 2" leaked online

"KL Gangster 2" leaked online

Syamsul Yusof directed "KL Gangster".

29 Aug – "KL Gangster 2", which will feature actors such as Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra and Rosyam Nor, is due to be released in theatres on 3 October. Though the film did have a release date early October, some unknown authority apparently had gotten a hold of the film and had released it online.

Director and star of the film Syamsul Yusof shared his frustrations through his Facebook account regarding the leak of his latest film and he has said that he will take the strongest action against those who were responsible.

"As a reminder to all, Skop Productions and Grand Brilliance will take strong action against any individual who distributes or downloads the film "KL Gangster 2" without authorization. We and the authorities will take action to detect those who are responsible," he stated in his Facebook.

The Facebook message for "KL Gangster" written by Syamsul Yusof.

Even though the local action film was leaked online before the release date, it is expected that the situation will not have a major impact on the amount of the proceeds of this movie when it will be screened later as fans of Syamsul Yusof's first instalment will give strong support on this film later on.

Although the link to download the leaked film has been removed, Skop Productions and Grand Brilliance are planning to take appropriate action to the responsible party as well.

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