"KL Gangster" fights piracy

"KL Gangster" fights piracy

Datuk Yusof Haslam at a press conference held to address the sudden piracy of "KL Gangster 2".

30 Aug - Syamsul Yusof's upcoming and eagerly awaited Malaysian action film, "KL Gangster 2" is surrounded by controversy as it combats its sudden Internet piracy. The film, which will be officially released on 3 October 2013 at cinemas, was found to be already available online for streaming just a few days ago.

Director Syamsul Yusof shared his anger and frustration with a message on his official Facebook page, saying, "As a reminder to all, Skop Productions and Grand Brilliance will take strong action against any individual(s) who distributes or downloads the film "KL Gangster 2" without authorisation. We and the authorities will take action to detect those who are responsible."

His father, Datuk Yusof Haslam the Managing Director of Skop Productions also shared his feelings regarding the issue at a press conference held today. "My son (Syamsul Yusof) couldn't even get any sleep ever since he found out about the piracy. I see him now, and he's even skinnier than before! He's worried. He cares so much about his work and art, and I understand what he's going through."

A still from "KL Gangster 2"

Datuk Yusof also firmly states that he is planning to take strict action towards the person(s) involved, "With enough evidence, we will catch the culprit and we will not just take them to court and make them pay a small fee, but we will sue them for millions of dollars worth. We're not kidding around."

He also strains that the film thats available currently online is only 50 per cent done, "What they currently have is the raw version. We haven't edited, coloured, added subtitles and graded the film yet, so anyone who does download it won't have the full version."

Fans and moviegoers are encouraged to wait for "KL Gangster 2" to be screened in Malaysia and selected cinemas in Singapore when the movie is officially released this 3 October 2013.

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