LA-KL joint film ventures

LA-KL joint film ventures

"War of The Worlds: Goliath" was a 2012 Malaysian Sci-Fi animated film.

12 Dec – Malaysian film producer Leon Tan, whose producing credentials include the modern cult favourite "War of the Worlds: Goliath", has formed a joint film venture with veteran Hollywood producer and financier Greg Coote. The duo believes that the venture will fill in the missing pieces and instil the discipline that is needed to make the country a regional movie-making hub.

Leon Tan.
DragonSlate Media Sdn Bhd, 45%-owned by each of the two partners, has interested even government body Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd (Mavcap) into taking a 10% stake in it.

"Why Malaysia? It's the growth centre of the world," said Coote. "Malaysia has the elements in place already with a government that is very supportive of the film industry, a private sector that is enthusiastic, the infrastructure, the talent and the relatively low cost."

Despite having not seen widespread distribution, Tan's film "War of the Worlds: Goliath" won the 'Best 3D Animated Feature' award at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival 2012; 'Best Animated Feature' at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2013; and was an official selection at the Sitges Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya 2012, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2013 and Sci-Fi London 2013.

""War of the Worlds: Goliath" was my baptism of fire," said Tan.

He also explained that DragonSlate is not an investment fund, but more of a movie development company. "When it green lights a movie or a TV series, it would then look for the funds, and gather the technical and creative talents needed to produce it," Tan explained.

Now with this game-changing venture between Malaysia and the U.S., it won't be long before we get to have an international blockbuster of our own!