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"Lari" added to Cannes line-up

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Hazama Azmi, Dira Abu Zahar, Aaron Aziz and Erin Malek at the "Lari" Gala Premiere.

17 May – After it was announced that only four Malaysian-made films will be screened at the Marche du Film award event in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival for viewing buyers, agents and distributors of international films from around the world, "Lari" director Ahmad Idham proudly announced that his new action film is the latest addition to the list.

The other films that have made the list include "Vikingdom" from KRU Studios, animation "Bola Kampung The Movie", "Penanggal" from Tayangan Unggul and "KIL" starring Redza Minhat.

"Lari" will be shown in Malaysian theatres on 6 June.

Ahmad Idham, as the producer and director of "Lari" commented, "When "Lari" had been selected to be screened at Cannes, it proves that our efforts over the years had been worth it. Efforts to bring "Lari" to Cannes, even my efforts in direction prove that a Malaysian commercial action film is capable of knocking on the door of a large film festival like Cannes. This success should be shared with fans and people who have always supported me for being in the industry. This is a gift to all!"

"Lari" is an action feature film directed by Ahmad Idham starring Aaron Aziz, Dira Abu Zahar, Erry Putra, Erin Malek and Hazama Azmi about a man who goes on a one-man hunt for his little sister, who is been captured by human traffickers after their father was murdered.

"Lari" will be shown in cinemas on 6 June at cinemas all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Cinema Online, 17 May 2013

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