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MAIFEI helps Indian entertainment

Writer: Nur Safina Othman

Celebrity and beauty queen finalist Geethanjali G.

25 Oct - The Malaysian Indian Film and Entertainment Industry (MAIFEI) will once again make a name in history by supporting groups for employees who work in the entertainment industry in the country.

"The objective is to raise the industry professionally and bring it to a global level. We want to bring quality products in any kind of media whether it may be films, videos, television dramas, documentaries, concerts and even theatre. We want it to be worth it," said popular celebrity and former beautiful queen finalist, Geethanjali G. who is also the President of MAIFEI.

She added, besides getting grants of more than RM1 million from the government, the industry will also cooperate with the ministry and FINAS to help market the product via movie theatres, TV stations and the international stage to seek finances from experts to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Legendary musician David Arumugam who also attended the event.

MAIFEI will help companies and personalities who are involved in the Malaysian Indian entertainment industry including film directors, publishers, singers, musicians, production crew, dancers and so on.

They will also provide guidelines for ensuring this industry to grow professionally and to an international level that can be compared to the standards in other countries.

Besides Geethanjali G., several other popular Malaysian Indian artists who are involved in this association include veteran singer S.Sivaguru, comedian Satya, and Alleycats lead singer, Dato ' David Arumugam.

Cinema Online, 25 October 2013