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MIG plans for "Villa Nabila"

'Villa Nabila' will soon get its local horror film.

21 Nov –Metrowealth Pictures (MIG) CEO David Teo is now planning to publish a film about a mysterious story that claims to have a 'keeper' that inhabits the abandoned bungalow called 'Villa Nabila' at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru.

"The plan to make a sequel to "Highland Tower" was already there even before we wanted to make a 'Villa Nabila' movie," Teo said. "After all, the story is still hot, so we better take advantage of the opportunities. If I do not make it or take a chance, other publishers might want to do it first."

Teo also adds that the mystery surrounding 'Villa Nabila' already has enough potential for it to be documented.

David Teo.
"It's not that I believe in superstition. Like "Highland Tower", we do our research first before going to the actual site. Additionally, the place was home to so many different versions of the urban legends, not to mention a lot of exaggerated versions to many who want to know the real story."

However, David said that the 'Villa Nabila' project is still to be planned because there are several other suitable locations that rely on the documentary-horror style of surprise success "Highland Tower".

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