Movie profits plummet

Movie profits plummet

"KIL" was one of the 10 films that had the lowest gross profit.

23 Dec – Even though the Malaysian film industry in the year 2010 and 2011 had the highest gross profit, things took a different turn in 2013 as industry's profit seems to be lower, and it seems like the internet had something to do with it.

Though a total of 71 local films had been shown in theatres this year, not a lot of gross profit was actually made.

With what we had learnt this year, Malaysian audiences are mostly attracted to a few specific things when it comes to locally produced films. According to FINAS, filmmaker Mamat Khalid's comedy-genre films managed to be some of the highest picks for audiences. "Hantu Kak Limah 2: Husin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit" and "Rock Oo" directed by Mamat Khalid earned RM5.89 million and RM3.95 million each, respectively.

Besides Mamat's films, Syamsul Yusof's long awaited sequel "KL Gangster 2" earned RM4.96 million, even though the film went through a rather dramatic controversy involving piracy.

Mamat Khalid's "Rock Oo" is one of the most profitable films.

But with successful films come some of the least successful ones. This year's "Oh Mak Kau!" starring Ain Nordin is listed as the number 1 least profitable film of 2013, which only collected RM600,000 in theatres.

But quality isn't necessarily a factor for making a film one of the least profitable ones. Multiple award winning "KIL" was the second film listed in the 10 least profitable. Among the others that made in the unfortunate list include "Pada Suatu Cinta Dahulu", "Cerita Kita", "Awan Dania the Movie", "Mencari Cinta" and "Tokak".

"The ever sophisticated technology and high speed internet these days has impacted the film industry in a big way," says film producer and Astro Shaw manager Gayathri Su-Lin Pilai, "Now, everyone can have easy accessibility on the internet to get whatever they wanted, right at the tip of their fingers."

According to producer and director Ahmad Idham, he doesn't feel disappointed when his films didn't make much profit, but he does feel the opposite if his films are seen for free on the internet, "High quality films aren't worth it if they're only seen on the internet."

Here are the top ten lists of the most and least profitable local films of 2013:

Highest grossing Malaysian films of 2013

1. "Hantu Kak Limah 2: Husin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit'
2."KL Gangster 2"
3. "The Wedding Diary 2"
4. "Once Upon a Time"
5. "Rock Oo"
6. "Adnan Sempit 3"
7. "Highland Tower"
8. "Juvana"
9. "Minyak Dagu"
10. "KL Zombie"

Lowest grossing Malaysian films of 2013

1. "Oh Mak Kau!"
2. "KIL"
3. "Pada Suatu Cinta Dahulu"
4. "Cerita Kita"
5. "Awan Dania the Movie"
6. "Mencari Cinta"
7. "99 Kali Rindu"
8. "Pecah"
9. "1 Lawan 1"
10. "Tokak"