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Sein's directorial debut

Writer: Peter Chai

Sein Ruffedge made his first movie "Langgar" as a director.

23 Mar – Former local singing sensation and drama actor Syed Hussein bin Syed Mustafa or best known as Sein Ruffedge, is set to make his directorial debut with "Langgar", starring "KL Gangster" star Adi Putra and actor-producer Hans Isaac this April.

Distributed by Tayangan Unggul, "Langgar" is an action drama that follows the painful story of family man Nizam (Adi Putra), who purposely gets involved with the gang in order to seek revenge for the death of his beloved wife, Aina (Nadia Heng), who was raped and murdered by a gang. When Nizam becomes the right hand man and debt collector for the evil Radzi (Namron), he realizes that Aina and her father are among the names in the list of debtors to the gang. From there, Nizam begins his quest to bring down his villainous targets.

"I remember that I couldn't wait to take my first step onto the filming set during the first day of shooting. There was no sense of worry for me but I was nervous about it. It's my first movie anyway," said Sein.

The 30-year-old filmmaker was overwhelmed by the presence of well-known local actors like Adi Putra, Hans Isaac, Namron, Khir Rahman and their quality of acting throughout their 37 days of filming around Klang Valley.

He said, "I'm thrilled to have these great figures in this industry to help me make this film possible. People like Hans, Namron, Khir Rahman and Zul Huzaimy had my with their respective directing experiences. I respect them a lot."

The team of "Langgar".

Isaac, whose recent directorial effort "Lawak Ke Der 2" was released in March, plays one of the gangsters in "Langgar", and praised Sein for his professionalism and courageous attempts on the action genre.

"Sein shows his passion and seriousness in this film. For me and the other cast members, we understand that we must put our egos aside and give our full support to a new director in this industry," said Isaac.

"Langgar" also starring Malaysian Film Festival winning model-actress Natasha Hudson and Bell Ngasri from "Bisikan Remaja".

The film will be released in cinemas nationwide on 11 April 2013.

Cinema Online, 23 March 2013

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