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"Smurfs 2" dubbed in BM

Writer: Jillian Cheong

"The Smurfs 2" will give audiences the option of watching it in the original English version or the dubbed Bahasa Malaysia version in cinemas this 8 August 2013!

3 Jul – Fans of Smurfs would be glad to know that apart from watching sequel "The Smurfs 2" in English, they would also have the option of watching the dubbed Bahasa Malaysia version voiced by our local talents in cinemas come this 8 August 2013.

Among the local celebrities that will be featuring their voices in the locally dubbed version of "The Smurfs 2" are Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi as Gargamel, Hafizuddin Fazil as Papa Smurf, Lisa Surihani as Smurfette, Zizan Razak as Vanity, Elfira Loy as Vexy and Ray from Era as Grouchy.

Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi as Gargamel

Hafizuddin Fazil as Papa Smurf

Lisa Surihani as Smurfette

Zizan Razak as Vanity

Ray from Era as Grouchy

Elfira Loy as Vexy

"The Smurfs 2 is an ideal movie to dub in local language as it is an evergreen franchise with popular characters well-known worldwide." said Catherine Chai Marketing Manager of Sony Pictures Malaysia

She also added, "In conjunction of Hari Raya, it's the perfect time for us to embark on a fresh angle of dubbing a well-known product of our studio into Bahasa Malaysia."

The first "Smurfs" movie back in 2011 was also dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia, but the version was only made available to the subscribers of the satellite TV and radio service, Astro.

The recording session which began in late May is still currently on-going. The Bahasa Malaysia dub is scheduled for release in cinemas this 8 August simultaneously as the original English version.

Cinema Online, 03 July 2013

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