Sofi Jikan lost interest in acting

Sofi Jikan lost interest in acting

Sofi Jikan isn't impressed with the current local film industry.

5 Nov – The actor who is widely known in the country for the tagline, "Wa sengat lu", Sofi Jikan is reportedly feeling down after seeing how the local art industry is increasingly crushed and destroyed even with incredible art being created.

The 43-year-old performer admits to getting underpaid jobs and he has also said that the roles that he is mostly offered are roles that does not show his full performance skill set.

"If you count experience, I am able to give myself a six figure income, but unfortunately, we know that the industry want to concentrate on just benefits and produce more products without keeping the virtues of the performers."

"We have great performers that can even be compared to Hollywood actors, but it could not compare with the service received. Likewise with local films that are still looked down upon, after a long time we are all going to die and this makes me lose passion for my own work," he tells an online entertainment portal.

Sofi Jikan in "Bohsia 2".

Given his situation, Sofi Jikan, or his real name, Sofi bin Mohamad Shoffi Jikan, has committed to setting up his own production company, 1man Film Sdn Bhd in order to give him the satisfaction and freedom to work.

"That disappointment made me turn things around and start my own production company. I want to fix this industry up and make it like how art is supposed to be. "

"In addition to setting up a reputable company, I can choose my own desired characters, instead of characters that are often typical ones for the sake of making a film," he continues.

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