"Ular" is for the audience

"Ular" is for the audience

Ular director Jason Chong.

2 Nov – "Ular" director Jason Chong impatiently waits for the response from the audience towards his upcoming film "Ular", which is described as a "creature feature" genre film ' like no other in Malaysia.

According to Jason, although there are those who compare his work with Hollywood films like "Anaconda", "Piranha" and "Snakes on a Plane", he hopes this film will connect with audiences in Malaysia.

"Maybe there will be some similarities but the emphasis is on character 'survival' in the film. I had also injected elements that the local audiences could relate to," said Jasonduring the release of Showbiz Productions 3 new films this year namely "Ular" , "Hantu Tok Mudim" and "Chikaro" at GSC Pavilion, KL last Tuesday evening.

"Ular" movie poster!

Though Jason has directed the film "Belukar" before this, but "Ular" gave him the challenge that he needed.

"Of course "Ular" gave me a little pressure but I am grateful because of the help from all the production crew in terms of ideas."

"Ular" spent 25 days shooting in Pangkor Island, and the film also used five real life rather than using CGI.

"Ular" tells the story of Myra (Lisa Surihani), an aggressive journalist who was sent to cover a story in a resort on an island. Accompanied by Myra's cameraman, Riki (Yusry Abdul Halim) they never would have guessed that this time the job isn't a regular one and that this 'dream holiday' area will soon turn out to be a nightmare.

In addition to Lisa and Yusry, the film, published by Showbiz Productions Sdn Bhd, will costar Namron, Zarina Zainudin, Izzue Islam, Sharifah Sakinah, Zarina Anjolie, Mamat Sepah and Haron Salim Bachik.