U.S. to buy "KL Gangster 2"

U.S. to buy "KL Gangster 2"

(Top, L-R) Rosyam Nor, Datuk Yusof Haslam, Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin, Sheera Iskandar, Adi Putra and Aaron Aziz. (Bottom, L-R) Soffi Jikan and Adam Corrie.

10 Sep – In spite of the piracy scandal that rocked the film's cast and production crew, "KL Gangster 2" has got a few things going for them, namely talks about screening the film overseas.

At the film's gala premiere yesterday, Datuk Yusof Haslam revealed that there are currently talks with a U.S. distributor interested in purchasing the rights to distribute the film overseas, which is why the film will have English subtitles when it is released on 3 October. According to Datuk Yusof, initial reception towards "KL Gangster 2" has been positive and together with the turnout for the night, he hoped that it would bring his son Syamsul Yusof out of his slump.

Word has it that Syamsul, who was not even in attendance at the gala premiere, planned to quit his job as a director due to the piracy scandal. His latest film "KL Gangster 2" has been leaked weeks ahead of its release and is now available for streaming online and for sale as DVDs.

When asked to comment on his son's sudden seclusion from the public, Datuk Yusof passionately responded, "It will be a great loss to the industry if my son decides to quit. As a film producer, I think that quitting because of this scandal is premature, however, as a father, I can only pray to Allah for his help and guidance. This is because my son is still young, and he has put a lot of effort into this film, so he is taking this very harshly. I hope that once Syamsul sees that his film is still as successful despite this unfortunate incident, he will be able to get back up. As for me, I will not rest until the culprit or culprits are caught and justice is served. If we let these pirates get away, what will happen to our film industry in the future?"

Syamsul Yusof may not have been present at the gala premiere, but his father Datuk Yusof Haslam has enough passion and spirit to help make the event a success.

"KL Gangster 2" is the prequel to "KL Gangster", before Malek and Jai became notorious gangsters. Malek and Jai are two brothers who are drifting apart, due to Jai's involvement with the local gangs and heavy debts. To make things worse, Malek's mother is diagnosed with cancer, and the cost of treatment is beyond what they can afford. Malek is forced go against his principles and join the gangs in order to earn money for his mother, which puts a string of tragic events into motion.

The film stars Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, Syamsul Yusof, Zizan Razak, Soffi Jikan and Rosyam Nor, to name a few. Syamsul Yusof also serves as director. "KL Gangster 2" is due in local cinemas on 3 October 2013.

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