"Vikingdom" earns RM1.8 million

"Vikingdom" earns RM1.8 million

Natassia Malthe in "Vikingdom".

9 Oct – Former member of the local Pop trio, KRU and now a movie mogul, director Yusry Abdul Halim is content with the outcome of his new international film "Vikingdom" even though the film itself did not earn much at the box office.

According to Yusry, it's still a good result to have since ticket sales in Malaysia are shown to be declining. "The RM 1.8 million it achieved should be good enough for the film market in Malaysia," he told Harian Metro.

"However, if you're going to support the film more, you are most welcome to! Currently, the market outcome outside the country such as in the United States, is still too early to tell as it debuted only on 4 October," he said.

Before "Vikingdom", previous film releases made by KRU Studios had managed to collect RM10 million and received film distribution rights in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil and many more.

"Vikingdom" cost a total of RM20 million to make, and it was produced entirely in Malaysia and used the expertise of local production crew despite hiring a wide range of international actors.

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