"Cicakman 3" is not a reboot

"Cicakman 3" is not a reboot

The cast show their excitement for the third installment for Malaysian superhero franchise film "Cicakman 3".

28 Jul – It came as a surprise to many when it was confirmed that Saiful Apek, who essayed that lead role as the superhero Cicakman in "Cicak-Man" and "Cicakman 2 – Planet Hitam", will not be returning to reprise his role in "Cicakman 3". Instead, another local actor, Zizan Razak, will be donning a brand new costume as Cicakman.

However, unlike Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" and Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Cicakman 3" is not a reboot.

"I would like to stress that "Cicakman 3" is not a retelling or a reboot, as so many people have asked me. It is normal for superheroes to change every now and then; you can't have one guy wearing the suit forever as he will get old. You will see that we have not killed off Saiful Apek's Hairi [the original Cicakman], instead, we implied that he has retired and Zizan plays a diehard Cicakman fan, Man, who finds Cicakman's possessions," clarified Yusry Abdul Halim, the man behind the "Cicakman" films to Cinema Online.

He added that plans for the third instalment have always been there, and they were just waiting for the right time, right cast and right script to come along. For him, "Cicakman 3" is the tent-pole that will revive the "Cicakman" name and the prestige of the local film industry as this time, the film is backed by three major production studios which are KRU, Grand Brillance and Astro Shaw.

The stars of "Cicakman 3" Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani and Fizz Fairuz.

"Cicakman 3" tells the story of Man, a hardcore Cicakman fan whose childish personality sees him working as a freelancer, collecting various memorabilia of Cicakman and playing games. Fed up with his irresponsibility, his wife Linda decides to leave him together with their eight-year-old son, Boboy. To make things worse, an old friend, Adam, is waiting in the wings to win Linda's heart. Man sees a solution to his conflict when he finds a box containing Cicakman's possessions and learns to become the new Cicakman. But it is not so easy when the city of Metrofulus no longer needs Cicakman as they already have SuperBro.

"Cicakman 3" is set to begin filming on 15 August 2013 to aim for a release on 9 May 2014. The film stars Zizan Razak as Man/Cicakman, Lisa Surihani as Linda, Fizz Fairuz as Adam and Rykal as Boboy.

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