Zahiril on hiatus for Shera Aiyob

Zahiril on hiatus for Shera Aiyob

(From left) Johan Asari, Zahiril Adzim, Syazwan Zulkify and Sharnaaz Ahmad.

11 Jan – Former Malaysian Film Festival winner Zahiril Adzim has decided to slow down his pace in acting this year to spend more time with his pregnant actress-wife Shera Ayob, whom he married back on November 2011.

"I'm planning to slow myself down in acting this new year, as I want to give more commitment to my wife. She's four months pregnant now," said Zahiril, who stars in the local television hit drama-turned-movie "Juvana" together with Shera.

He added, "You know, it's my first child, so it is time for me to escape from the limelight and take a break with my family."

"Juvana" is Faisal Ishak's feature-length directorial debut that picks up from the final episode of the 2011 local popular drama series of the same name that was aired on TV3. The television show was a surprising huge hit in the local television scene, even going on to win the Best TV Series award at the prestigious 2011 Malaysian Screen Awards.

"Juvana" tells the story of Daim, a former juvenile offender who is trying to turn over a new leaf after being released from the juvenile centre. As he tries to continue his studies at secondary school for his SPM examinations, he is bullied by the other students and decides to stop schooling due to his embarrassing past. Meanwhile, Daim's buddies Botak, Apek, Panjang, Ayam and Kicap are struggling in the new juvenile centre due to threats by a madman called Lan Todak.

Zahiril Adzim as Daim in "Juvana".

"The drama itself had already created a huge wave among television viewers. I hope the movie version of "Juvana" can do the same for moviegoers," said Zahiril, when he was asked whether he thinks the film will do well.

"There are many restrictions in our country such as how we can't show something overly negative in our films. So the reason we want to make this film is to show people the extremely ugly side among youngsters and create awareness on adolescent issues so that everyone can learn from the mistakes made by the characters in the film," he added.

"Juvana" also stars Johan Asari, Syazwan Zulkifly, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Syafie Naswip, Idzham Ismail and Adam Shah. The film will be released in Malaysia on 24 January 2013.

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