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"Adnan Sempit Sawadikap" might be the last sequel

Writer: Florey DM

"Adnan Sempit" actors and MIG CEO say "sawadikap"

22 Jul – Another sequel, possibly the last one, of "Adnan Sempit" hits the cinemas this August. Metrowealth (MIG) is releasing the new movie on the second week of Raya.

"Adnan Sempit Sawadikap" reunites Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ladyana, Along Cham and Yana Samsudin in the latest movie which was shot almost entirely in neighboring country, Thailand.

95% of the movie was shot in Bangkok.

During the press preview at TGV Sunway Pyramid on 21 July, MIG CEO Major (K) David Teo said, "I hope that this movie will be watched by everyone with their loved ones during this Raya to tighten family ties."

He also hopes for the movie to have commercial success. This movie is the 97th release from MIG, 3 more and they will reach the big 100.

Representing director Ismail Bob Hasim, David said the "Adnan Sempit" director wishes for the new movie to receive a good response from the viewers and even manage to be a box office hit. David acknowledges the fact that the local film industry seems a bit bleak following a lackluster response from fans and viewers. He still hopes for local moviegoers to support the film the way they did when the original "Adnan Sempit" movie first came out.

The fourth sequel promises to bring just as much laughter as the original movie.

"This movie will probably be the final sequel. There might not be any more to come out but if it gets a strong reception and support, we might continue with an even better sequel," he explains.

The movie will feature several Thai actors as well as Lalisa Santirod. It tells the story of Adnan, Bobby, Nadia and Wawa who they find themselves mixed in a missing baby situation while on a trip to Bangkok.

"Adnan Sempit Sawadikap" is scheduled for release on 7 August.

Cinema Online, 22 July 2014

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