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Ahmad Idham Filming Academy opens 19 May

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Ahmad Idham opens the Ahmad Idham Filming Academy (AIFA) this 19 May.

6 May – Come this 19 May, the Ahmad Idham Filming Academy (AIFA) located at Nusajaya, Johor will be open to welcome students interested in pursuing filmmaking studies.

Founded by local director Ahmad Idham, he hopes his new initiative addresses his disappointment with what he perceives as "an inconsistent progress of the film industry", which he hopes to help improve.

"I feel that AIFA is part of the new era in education. We need a proper educational platform that focuses more on vocational and practical training, rather than just regular classroom and theoretical based training," Idham mentions during an interview with News Straits Times Malaysia.

The director's film academy had recently opened up registrations by opening up booths at career festivals, including the Karnival Kerjaya Johor Mahir.

"I believe this academy will open people's eyes. The key to tackling the industry is to understand it," he continues, "Hundreds had come by and shown interest. This, I think, is because of the booming local TV industry."

But finding funds for keen local students has proven to be difficult, as AIFA is facing a challenge in getting applications because students are acquired to pay for their own fees.

"I am currently in talks with relevant ministries and foundations to help provide scholarships and study loans to students," Ahmad Idham says as he hops to also expand the school and offer more courses in the future.

Located at Nusajaya, Johor, AIFA currently offers Video/Film Production programs where students will be exposed to and taught about the film industry by experienced teachers and field experts in detail, and is open to Malaysians aged 17 to 35.

Cinema Online, 06 May 2014