"Anak Jantan" director upset over blurred scenes

"Anak Jantan" director upset over blurred scenes

The cast and crew of "Anak Jantan".

21 Oct – The director of the local action film "Anak Jantan", Faizul A Rashid voiced out his discontentment towards certain scenes in his film that had been blurred out by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF).

"Yes, there are a lot of scenes in the film were blurred out because LPF said that some scenes contained symbols that might touch the sensitivity of the society," said Faizul when met with the media at the press conference of the film held yesterday.

He added, "The viewers might feel a bit disturbed regarding the distorted scenes, but I never even thought that those scenes could not pass LPF."

"Anak Jantan" director, Faizul A Rashid.

The director also mentioned that other than the blurred scenes, fifteen percent of the movie suffered cuts by LPF because certain scenes were deemed unsuitable for Malaysian viewers for containing violence and gore.

"When the film was sent the first time it was rejected because it was said to be too violent and is not suitable for the public, however after appealing and fixing certain scenes, then the film got through with a 18 classification."

"Anak Jantan" is a Grand Brilliance production starring Farid Kamil, Bront Palarae, Nora Danish and more. The film will be released in Malaysia on 30 October 2014.

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