Namewee's "Banglasia" scrapped

Namewee's "Banglasia" scrapped

Namewee apologises for letting people down about "Banglasia".

3 Feb – Controversial Malaysian filmmaker Namewee issued a statement and a Youtube video entry about his film "Banglasia", saying that the film which was expected to come out during 30 January had received a total of 31 official notes from the Malaysian Censorship Board.

The notes were to direct Namewee to re-shoot around 90% of the film. With the overwhelming amount of changes that needed to be done, the director decided to apologise to everyone involved during the production and the fans for disappointing them.

"The company and the producers have tried their best to save the film. With this, we are sad to inform that the film "Banglasia" has been banned. This will mean that the film won't just be banned during Chinese New Year, but for eternity," wrote Namewee in his statement.

Namewee's "Save Malaysia" t-shirt was one of the reasons why the film was banned.

According to the list of things he needed to change, Namewee posted a Youtube video online to explain a few of the examples of what needed to be changed, where he also showed his genuine frustration.

"I was found wearing a t-shirt with the sentence 'Save Malaysia' on it. They said we're not allowed to mention 'Save Malaysia' because it shows that Malaysia is 'unsafe'. It appeared as an insult to the country, and therefore it has to be re-shot. Bear in mind, I wore the same t-shirt throughout the movie," commented Namewee.

The filmmaker also mentioned another remark made by the Censorship Board, "If you've been to Kota Raya, you'll know it's a place full of foreign labours. There were too many Bangladeshi customers in the shops and streets in one scene. There were also too many Bangladeshi workers. It's doesn't reflect the real Malaysian country, so it needs to be removed. Does that make sense?"

Namewee's written statement made for the public ended with another apology with the words, "Everybody's hard work is gone."

You can watch the video below:

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