Baz Luhrmann might direct Elvis biopic

Baz Luhrmann might direct Elvis biopic

Baz Luhrmann might take on an Elvis movie!

4 May - "The Great Gatsby" director Baz Luhrmann, who has also directed other highly extravagant films like "Romeo + Juliet" is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. to make an Elvis Presley biopic.

Knowing Luhrmann's style, he is bound to make the biopic wildly artistic enough to satisfy the King himself. Music has also always influenced Luhrmann's films, so this biopic might just be the perfect project for him to take on after "The Great Gatsby".

Baz Luhrmann, who is also the director who helmed classics like "Moulin Rouge" and "Australia", has also been in talks to direct the big screen version of "Kung Fu", so time will only tell if he decides to go ahead with this project.

One of the many subtle sets in Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby".

While there is little that we know so far about this coming project, we do know that the studio has acquired the rights to all of Elvis Presley's songs, so they could pick and choose whatever they want to use for the film.

Also joining the team is Kelly Marcel, who was the screenwriter of "Saving Mr. Banks" to write the script. As for the story, it is likely it would be about Presley's whole life from beginning to end and the height of his career.

Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio is being suggested for the role of Presley, since Luhrmann and DiCaprio have been strong working partners for some time. Other suggestions include musician Jack White, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ewan McGregor and even James Franco.

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