Cinema aids flood victims

Cinema aids flood victims

TGV Cinemas is organising a donation drive at all their locations in Peninsular Malaysia.

29 Dec – In the spirit of helping those who are affected by the worsening flood situations in the East Coast, TGV Cinemas is organising a donation campaign.

The cinema chain calls for moviegoers to make a donation at any nearby TGV cinemas. However, donation in cash form is not encouraged. Only the following items will be accepted:

1. Dry ready to eat food: Biscuits
2. Canned food (halal only)
3. Mineral water
4. Baby food
5. Milk powder
6. Diapers
7. Sanitary Napkins

Gerald V Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Office of TGV Cinemas said in a statement "It's the season of holidays and of giving and sharing. It is heart breaking to see what families in East Coast are going through right now. We hope our customers from all over will join in with us to contribute generously to the victims."

Any moviegoer who wishes to make a donation may visit the designated drop-off area at any TGV cinema in Peninsular Malaysia from 10am to 10pm.

The donation drive commenced on 27 December 2014 and will continue on until further notice by TGV Cinemas.

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