Depp will be back for "Pirates 5"

Depp will be back for "Pirates 5"

"Pirates of the Caribbean" is set to make a comeback

28 Jul – Disney has confirmed that "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" is back in the making and Johnny Depp will be starring in it. Don't get too excited now, as the movie isn't to be released until summer 2017. Yep, that's a long wait.

However, now that the movie has a set release date, fans can look forward to Depp donning his Captain Sparrow costume and strutting onscreen with his drunken sailor gait once again.

Eyeliners are a must-have in this pirate's treasure chest.

The movie was earlier set to be released in July 2015. It was later pushed back to summer 2016 but suffered yet another delay when "Lone Ranger" did not do as well as expected and Disney had to reconsider their budgeting.

Another reason for the setback is because Depp, busy as always, has his plates full. One of the projects he is currently working on is Disney's "Alice in Wonderland 2". The sequel is set to hit cinemas in 2016, so it makes sense for Disney not to release two of their own movies at the same time.

There is no word yet whether Disney will be coming up with a new subtitle or "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" will be using the old subtitle "Dead Men Tell No Tales".

Even Jack Sparrow wonders what the title will be.

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