Gino initiated kiss scene in "Seventh"

Gino initiated kiss scene in "Seventh"

Gino and Mindee at the press conference for "Seventh".

12 Oct – During the recent press conference for the movie "Seventh", lead actor Gino revealed that he asked for the kiss scene between him and Singaporean co-star Mindee Ong.

The kiss scene was originally not in the script but Gino felt that there needed to be one. When asked for the reason why, the Taiwanese actor cheekily joked, "Because she's pretty."

He then clarified the real reason behind his idea for it, stating that it was to show the true love between his character, Yi, and Mindee's, who is a ghost named Ying and is also Yi's love interest in the movie.

"She looks terrifying after her transformation as a scary ghost, but Yi still wants to kiss her. This shows just how much he loves her, that he is willing to kiss her despite her terrifying looks," the actor explained.

Gino and Mindee reenacting their kiss scene with tangled limbs.

However, when asked whether the kiss scene was fun to shoot, both actors said that it wasn't.

Mindee went on to explain that they had to do the scene while being suspended high up in the air, dangling from wires required for the floating stunt. The two said that their limbs were tangled most of the time and they had to time the kiss perfectly or it would not have worked.

"If you (Gino) told me earlier, I would've substituted you with a paper doll," Mindy joked.

"Seventh", directed by Ryon Lee, also stars Malaysian actors Teddy Chin and Kim Thian. The movie opens in the cinemas this coming 16 October.

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