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Kelvin Tong films Hollywood horror in Singapore

Writer: Florey DM

Kelvin Tong and the cast of his new horror movie. [Photo credit:]

3 Sep – Singaporean screenwriter, director and producer Kelvin Tong is set to film his horror flick "The Faith of Anna Waters" in Singapore.

As reported on TODAY, Tong wants the movie to be "a fair representation of Singapore". He wants to show the country's multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-cultural aspects. Even though it is backed by Hollywood producers, the director humbly says that he will not consider the movie a Hollywood movie until it has proven to be good enough to open in America.

While Nikki Reed was initially cast for the lead role, the "Twilight" actress eventually has to turn down the offer as the filming schedule clashes with her Nashville concert. The role has now been passed to "Mad Men" actress Elizabeth Rice.

Other actors that are set to star in the movie include "Band of Brothers" actor Matthew Settle, "Point of Entry" actress Jaymee Ong, Australian actor Colin Borgonon, Singapore's very own Adrian Pang and newcomer Adina Herz.

Elizabeth Rice and Matthew Settle will play the lead roles. [Photo credit: The Straits Times]

The Hollywood-produced movie will be shot entirely in Singapore. It follows the story of Jamie Water, a crime reporter played by Rice, whose sister's suicide forces her to travel to Singapore to investigate Anna's death further. She is helped by her husband Sam, played by Settle, and they soon encounter eerie happenings during their investigation.

The movie will begin its one-and-a-half month shooting in Singapore this month.

Cinema Online, 03 September 2014

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