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Lisa overcomes comfort zone

Writer: Erny Suzira

Lisa Surihani says she challenged herself by playing a role that she was initially not fond of.

17 Oct – Lisa Surihani one of Malaysia's leading female actress known for playing many sweet and innocent female roles, reveals that she took up the challenge of acting in genre that is outside of her comfort zone for her latest film.

Initially Lisa had even turned down the role offered by KRU Studios for "Dendam Orang Mati" because of its dark subject matter.

"To be honest I am not very fond of this genre, so at first I actually told them [the producers] 'no, I don't want to do it'," commented Lisa.

Apparently the actress was afraid that her character in the film will get to her eventually. However, her husband, Yusry Abdul Halim, the co-producer of "Dendam Orang Mati" managed to convince the actress to accept the challenge.

Lisa Surihani (Right) alongside her husband, Yusry (Middle) and "Dendam Orang Mati"
director, Jason Chong (Left) during the conference.

"Yusry asked me to give it a try, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do this. So, I thought about it a lot before I decided to say, 'okay, but if you really want me to do it, please provide me with an acting workshop before we go into set'," the actress added.

Lisa also mentioned that the person who helped her a lot for her character, Lena, a sickly psychotic woman who can see paranormal beings, was veteran actress and singer, Fauziah Nawi.

"Fauziah Nawi is a really good mentor; she always guided me on how our characters should be when we're on the set and when we're off the set. When you do a shoot, especially one that is constantly facing the same creepy scenery, dark location and atmosphere every day, those things will eventually get to you," said Lisa.

Furthermore, Lisa also said that Yusry will often take her to some place nice after the shoot "for therapeutic treatment" so that her character does not linger in her mind.

Lisa Surihani (Middle) as Lena in "Dendam Orang Mati" with Fizz Fairuz (Left) as her husband,
Sharul and Miera Liyana (Right) as Shahrul's second wife.

"Dendam Orang Mati" is about Lena who wakes up from a coma and discovers that she has amnesia. However the only person she remembers is her husband, Shahrul. Lena is then taken to her old apartment and is introduced to Shahrul's second wife. Soon, strange things began to take place at her apartment as Lena starts to see mysterious figures that haunt her every night, trying to jog her memory of her life before her coma.

"Dendam Orang Mati" will be released in Malaysian cinemas on 23 October 2014. The film stars Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz and Miera Liyana in the main roles.

Cinema Online, 17 October 2014

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