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Nabil excited for "Romeo Kota" action scenes

Writer: Farizan Zainal

Nabil Ahmad turns action star.

31 Dec – Comedian, actor and host Nabil Ahmad hopes that his first attempt in acting for an action flick, namely Aaron Aziz's directorial debut "Romeo Kota", will be a success; as he had never filmed action stunts before.

Nabil shared that he has not been involved in the acting world for quite some time but accepted the acting offer because he felt that "Romeo Kota" will make a good film.

"When I received the offer from Aaron Aziz, I took it without hesitation as it was from Aaron himself and producer Ahmad Idham, who always come up with the best films."

"I've been waiting for a film like this. My last film was in 2013. This marks the first time for me and Aaron to work together," said Nabil, during the premiere of "Romeo Kota" at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve, yesterday.

Nabil added that he never thought it would be that hard to film an action film, until he had experienced it himself. This makes him appreciate action actors even more.

"I've heard of stories from those who have done action films before but I didn't really believe it was as hard as they made it sound. It was only after I went through the scenes myself that I realised just how hard it really is! Especially since most of the action scenes Aaron and I had to do ourselves."

"The characters that I often played before this are easy, because I'm a comedian, not an action star. In order to successfully play my part in this film, Aaron taught me himself on set, before filming started."

Nabil also hopes the audiences will be able to take his character in the film seriously as he is a little worried it would be clouded by the comedian image that he often portrays. Even though he sustained an injury on his chest during filming, he admitted that he had fun and was excited filming his first action flick.

"Romeo Kota" will be released in cinemas nationwide on 8 January 2015.

Cinema Online, 31 December 2014

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