Neelofa's "Dollah Superstar" poster controversy

Neelofa's "Dollah Superstar" poster controversy

The original poster of "Dollah Superstar" (left) with the 'hijab' version (right).

7 Oct – Malaysian actress, host and model, Neelofa's recent poster of her latest film, "Dollah Superstar" has caused confusion amongst some as it shows her wearing the hijab, while her appearance in the film is the total opposite exuding sexiness.

The shooting of "Dollah Superstar" was done before the actress started wearing the hijab, thus, Neelofa was condemned by the media and fans when she posted the altered version of the "Dollah Superstar" poster on her Instagram lately.

According to Berita Harian, Neelofa's manager, Shawn Amer explained, "The altered poster was used for promotional purposes on Neelofa's Instagram. We feel that it wouldn't be nice to use the original poster since the actress has already started to wear the hijab."

Apparently the shooting of the film was done years ago, way before the actress started wearing the hijab which was back in July of this year.

"This poster will be used for promotional events involving Neelofa across the nation. However, we also allow the producer to use the original poster to promote the film, we have absolutely nothing against this," said the manager.

Furthermore, Neelofa was also criticised for a particular scene in "Dollah Superstar" where she donned a tight red dress showing off her thighs as she sat on the main actor, Awie's lap seductively.

The scene where actress Neelofa seductively sat on Awie's lap in "Dollah Superstar".

"Dollah Superstar" is a film about a veteran gangster, Dollah who dreams of becoming a famous actor. His dreams come true when he meets Shah Dazzle, an actor who asks Dollah to be his mentor for his upcoming action film.

"Dollah Superstar" is now showing in cinemas. The film is directed by Khabir Bhatia and stars Awie, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Neelofa, Fizz Fairuz, Aziz M.Osman, Lan Pet Pet and more.

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