Pierre Andre thick-faced for "Cerita Hantu Malaysia"?

Pierre Andre thick-faced for "Cerita Hantu Malaysia"?

Pierre Andre at the premiere of "Cerita Hantu Malaysia".

28 Dec – "Cerita Hantu Malaysia" director Pierre Andre admitted to being thick-faced enough to offer acting roles to the actors despite the small budget of his new film.

Pierre said that even though his latest project did not have a big budget, he was still very satisfied with how it turned out as well as the commitment given by the actors to it.

"I have always longed to direct a film with this concept. I want it to be a film with a strong storyline, a strong plot."

He revealed, "I get my inspiration from the stories told by the people around me who have experienced such mystical encounters."

"It could be said that I am proud of all the talented actors involved. Even as the director, I get duped by Leez's facial expression. Sometimes I wonder if she was merely acting or if she was truly possessed," said Pierre, who was present during the premiere of "Cerita Hantu Malaysia" at Cathay Cineplex ECurve recently.

The actor-director also addressed the rumours of his falling out with MIG CEO, David Teo, who he allegedly had a misunderstanding with due to him producing a film with a different production.

"I may be synonym to films produced by MIG, but that does not mean that my creativity is limited to only one management."

"Besides," Pierre added, "I have done a lot of films with David, so there is nothing wrong with me trying out another production and contributing a successful collection to others."

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