Rachel McAdams in "True Detective 2"

Rachel McAdams in "True Detective 2"

Rachel McAdams to join the star-studded cast of "True Detectives 2"

28 Sep – After introducing their two leading men, now "True Detective" season 2 introduces to the audience its leading lady.

Rachel McAdams is revealed to have been offered a part opposite recently announced Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, Variety reports.

While there have been many actresses rumoured for the part, McAdams ultimately became HBO's choice. The "A Most Wanted Man" actress will be busy for both the small screen and big screen after this it seems, as she has also already signed on for "Spotlight" – an upcoming movie about the scandals and cover-ups in the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, McAdams' co-star in the 2004 American teen comedy "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan, is planning on a sequel for the hit teen flick. No word yet whether McAdams is up for that reunion.

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