"Ribbit" in Malay language has different dialects

"Ribbit" in Malay language has different dialects

The local adaptation of "Ribbit" film features various dialects in Malaysia.

20 Aug – Upcoming 3D-animated film, "Ribbit" has been adapted into the Malay language and to suit the local taste, culture and environment in Malaysia, the characters of the film are voiced to portray different Malaysian dialects.

Executive Producer and President of KRU
Studios, Norman Abdul Halim.

Chuck Powers the director of "Ribbit".

In the original English version of KRU Studios' "Ribbit", some of the characters are portrayed with different English accents, with some of the obvious ones being French and Australian.

Therefore, for the Malay language version of "Ribbit", producer Mamat Khalid replaced the accents with a variety of Malaysian dialects such as Kelantanese, Perakian, Kedahan and more.

Jihan and Munir voiced Milah and Ollie the Manatee using Kelantanese dialect.

"The girls from Glam Girls were the one who provide the Kedahan dialects," said Executive Producer and President of KRU Studios, Norman Abdul Halim at the press conference of "Ribbit" premiere at TGV, 1 Utama yesterday.

Misya, Alia and Yati of Glam Girls as the three Ocelot cubs by the same name.

The Glam Girls, Norman, Chuck Powers and Johan Raja Lawak at the "Ribbit" Gala Premiere press conference

Norman added that Awie did the Perakian dialect for Kulup the Bat, which was named Deepak in the English version voiced by Canadian comedian, Russell Peters.

Additionally, Norman also mentioned that the 3D version of the Ribbit will only be available in selected TGV Cinemas.

The English and Malay language version of "Ribbit" will be released in Malaysia this 4 September 2014.

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