"Ribbit" is a multiple production film

"Ribbit" is a multiple production film

KRU Studios Executive Producer and President, Norman Abdul Halim taking picture with Cinnamon Lion.

23 Aug – At the press conference of "Ribbit" on 19 August 2014 at TGV, 1 Utama, Executive Producer and President of KRU Studios, Norman Abdul Halim claimed that "Ribbit" film is actually a global project. Half of the production of the film was done in India while the other half was done in Malaysia.

Furthermore, the film was directed and written by American voice director, Chuck Powers who is also the Chief Creative Officer of Kartun Studios animation division. Additionally, the rendering work of the film was done in Hong Kong.

The process of the film took place in several countries which makes it a global project.

"Ribbit" was made into two languages; English and Malay, famous Hollywood artistes were hired to voiced act for the English version of the film, "The purpose of making this film is to actually reach out to people outside of Malaysia, which is why voice actors like Sean Astin, Russell Peters and Tim Curry were chosen."

Norman also revealed that the voice recording of the film was done in several countries, "We did some of the voice dubbing in Los Angeles, we also did some in Texas and Switzerland, so, it is actually a global project."

(L-R) Sean Astin, Russell Peters and Tim Curry are the voice actors for the English version of the film.

The original soundtracks of the film were also produced partly in Malaysian and Los Angeles. The English soundtrack "Magical Moment" was sang by local singer Jaclyn Victor and R&B group, Az Yet. The song was dubbed into Malay entitled "Dikau Saja" sang by Malaysian boyband, Forteen.

Jaclyn Victor sang the theme song of "Ribbit" with Philadelphia R&B group, Az Yet.

"We also just finished the music video for "Destiny" which is performed and recorded by DJ Motiv8, one of the official DJs of Black Eyed Peas where he co-written the song with Supreme I-Self," explained Norman to the press.

Norman also said that the reason that he partner with international companies is because he wanted to create opportunities outside of Malaysia and to give more employment opportunities to Malaysians.

He added that the Crest Animation, a studio in India that KRU collaborated with have more international exposure and experience as they used to work with large film company such as Universal, Sony and Lionsgate.

"Ribbit" film was a collaboration production between KRU Studios and Crest Animation.

"To be honest it is actually quite a challenge because we are not known to export animation content even in Malaysia. That is why KRU is trying to make things different, trying to create new Intellectual Properties, something that we can call our own."