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Sam's Mamak dialect

Writer: Erny Suzira

Shaheizy Sam talks about perfecting his Mamak dialect for the movie.

25 Aug – The lead actor for "Mamak Cupcake", Shaheizy Sam shared how he perfected the Mamak dialect and his experience working on his new film produced by Grand Brilliance.

Azad Jasmin played as Sam's brother in
"Mamak Cupcake" film.
Sam revealed that throughout the shooting of the film, the person who helped him the most with getting the dialect right was fellow actor, Azad Jasmin who is in fact, a real Penang Mamak.

"When I looked through the script and shot a couple of scenes, I realised that I needed to speak like my on-screen dad (Veerasingam). My attempt to speak like my 'appa' still does not sound quite right, but with the assistance of Azad Jasmin, I managed to grasp the way of doing it."

Sam also said that apart from Azad, Veerasingam who played as his father in the film along with Acappan, who is his father's helper and 'spy' in the film, also assisted Sam throughout his dialect learning.

"I would also like to thank my dad (Veerasingam) and Uncle Acappan, I really love both of your dialects. Maybe I didn't get the dialect a hundred percent right, but I really did try my best."

The "Adnan Sempit: Sawadikap" actor also confessed that the reason he worked so hard on the dialect is because his outer appearance is not convincing enough to pass as Mamak.

Veerasingam (Left) and Acappan (Right) helped Sam with his Mamak dialect.
"I want the audience who watch the film to believe that Shaheizy Sam in "Mamak Cupcake" is truly a real Mamak, because I don't think anyone would believe that he is one based on just his physical appearance."

A Mamak is a term often used in Malaysia referring to the Indian-Malay Muslim mixed community and culture.

"Mamak Cupcake" will be released in cinemas on 28 August 2014 in Malaysia.

Cinema Online, 25 August 2014

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