"Seventh" uses local elements

"Seventh" uses local elements

Ryon Lee (far left) poses with "Seventh" actors at the movie's press conference.

9 Oct – Ryon Lee is a well-known name in the local movie industry, having written the scripts to several successful movies such as "Woohoo Big Day", "Great Day", "Nasi Lemak 2.0" and most recently, "The Journey", which created the highest box office record for Malaysian movies.

Having made his debut as a big screen director in "The Transcend", Lee returns once again in the director's seat for the upcoming movie "Seventh".

The movie follows Cannon and Mimi, a quarrelsome couple, who are hunting after ghosts in an attempt to win a supernatural-themed photography competition. The couple goes to a haunted house and meets Yi, the grandson of the housekeeper who has recently passed away. The three start experiencing supernatural disturbances in the house during the seven-day wake.

Lee emphasises on the Malaysian flavours of the movie by incorporating local elements throughout. The main ghost in the movie is a hantu susu or Milk Ghost, a ghost unique to Malaysia. Not only that, even the music scores in the movie are made locally, as well as the visual effects with some assistance from the Taiwan side.

The most prominent localisation will be Lee's choice in making Yi and the ghost's theme song a Malay song, composed especially for the movie, entitled "Sayang-sayang".

Gino, who stars as Yi, admits he had difficulty memorizing the song as he does not speak the language. However, the Taiwanese actor eventually managed to do so perfectly after three days of practice.

Fans of horror movies can treat themselves to a good scare when "Seventh" releases in the cinema this 16 October 2014.

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