Syafiq Yusof directs "Villa Nabila"

Syafiq Yusof directs "Villa Nabila"

Syafiq Yusof and wife at FFM26.

13 Nov – It was previously reported that Metrowealth Pictures (MIG) CEO David Teo expressed his interest to make a movie based on the infamous Villa Nabila in Johor. However, budding director Syafiq Yusof from Skop Productions ultimately became the one who helmed the upcoming based-on-true-story horror movie, "Villa Nabila".

The 22-year-old son of renowned director Yusof Haslam stated that he was quick to register with the National Film Development Corporation Malayisa (FINAS) and to send in his synopsis, securing his chances of acquiring the rights to helm the project, Malaysian Digest reports.

Syafiq came up with the idea of turning the stories revolving around Villa Nabila into a documentary-style horror movie after meeting indie filmmakers, Daniel Martin dan Rosallin Azrin, who were planning on making a documentary on the house.

The filmmakers' idea formed following the viral case of 23 teenagers who supposedly went missing after entering the haunted house, which later turned out to be a hoax.

Syafiq first came to prominence with his debut film "SAM", which earned him a Best New Director award at FFM25. Like his previous films, "Villa Nabila" is also produced by Skop Productions. This time around, he tries a new directing approach by injecting indie concepts in his upcoming movie.

"Villa Nabila" is due out in cinemas on 15 January 2015. In the meantime, catch a glimpse of the horror in the trailer below.

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