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TGV's new Indulge cinema

TGV Cinemas introduces a new luxury cinema, Indulge at TGV 1 Utama.

27 Apr - TGV Cinemas has introduced a new luxury concept cinema called Indulge at TGV 1 Utama which combines fine-dining with a posh cinema experience.

The two screen Indulge cinema is a new addition to TGV 1 Utama which currently houses 10 screens, including an IMAX theatre, a Beanieplex hall and a LUXE hall with a Chill*X lounge attached.

The Indulge cinema is situated on the left corner of the concession stand at TGV 1 Utama. It has its own private ticketing counter separate from the general Box Office counter, which then allows patrons to access an exclusive lounge and dining area before leading towards its two halls that encompasses a total seating capacity of 32 and 40 seats respectively.

The halls are fitted with plush reclining chairs, comfy blankets and a side table affixed with a call button for waiter-service.

The private ticketing counter for Indulge patrons.

Indulge also offers its patrons a wide selection of Asian-Western fusion of fine-dining meals, like steak, lamb and pasta, along with various choices of beverages.

Chief Executive Office of TGV Cinemas, Gerald V. Dibbayawan said, "Indulge represents the essence of style coupled together with the concept of cinema, therefore, it is a unique cinema concept that stands apart from TGV Cinemas' current chain of locations and hall concepts."

Cost per movie ticket at the Indulge cinema is priced at RM45, with more Indulge cinemas planned for several TGV Cinemas locations in the near future.

To the Indulge screening hall.

Blankets are provided for moviegoers.

Indulge hall 1 seats 32 (pictured), while Indulge hall 2 seats 40.

The reclining seats with buttons at the side to adjust for comfort.

Side tables affixed with a call button for waiter-service.

If you are looking for a fine-dining and posh cinema experience, then Cinnamon approves!

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