Williams' death saddens Jackie Chan

Williams' death saddens Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is saddened by Robin Williams' sudden passing.

14 Aug – Mingpao News reported that Jackie Chan recently shared his thoughts over the tragic death of Robin Williams.

He was saddened by the news and expressed his regrets of never having the opportunity of working together with the late star.

The "CZ12" actor also related an experience to the media about the time he met Williams personally. "When I first arrived in Hollywood, my English was not that good. But one day, I was at the Oscars when he came up to me and said, "Jackie Chan, I am your big fan!"

Williams had made Chan feel welcomed during the latter's early years in Hollywood.

Despite Chan's lack of fluency in English at the time, Williams continued chatting with him and Chan was excited to be conversing with the star. Chan revealed that he once called the "Good Will Hunting" actor's office and asked for an autograph. He received it immediately.

"I was so happy. It's now in my office when I walk in," shared Chan.

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