"Adventure Time" movie in the works

"Adventure Time" movie in the works

Finn, the human with the backpack and Jake, the yellow dog are some of the popular characters in the cartoon.

2 Mar – One of Cartoon Network's most famous cartoon series, "Adventure Time" will be having its own feature-length animated film produced by Warner Bros. Studios.

According to Deadline, the upcoming film will be produced by one of the executive producers of "The Lego Movie," Chris McKay, along with Roy Lee, the executive producer of "The Grudge".

If you haven't already known, "Adventure Time" is about a twelve year old kid, Finn, who goes on a journey to protect his precious Land of Ooo, along with his canine best friend, Jake.

Another part of the story is about the Ice King going on his own quest in search for his beloved Princess Bubblegum.

The cartoon series has been running since 2010 and is created by Pendleton Ward. He will also be expected to be involved in some writing of the film's storyline as well as producing the film.

Of course, the film's original voice cast will remain the same as the series.

There will also be having some interesting talents among the voice casts with the likes of Mark Hamill and Cloris Leachman playing recurring characters.

In addition, several guest stars were invited to work in the film including Andy Samberg, George Takei, Paul Reubens and Neil Patrick Harris.

Over the years, the "Adventure Time" series has gained popularity from various age groups and is not only for children due to its unconventional storyline and witty comedic timing.

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