Afdlin reacts to Jackie Chan's Datuk title

Afdlin reacts to Jackie Chan's Datuk title

Afdlin speaks out on Jackie Chan receiving the Datuk title.

2 Feb – Malaysian renowned actor and comedian, Afdlin Shauki questioned the necessity of honouring international martial artist and actor, Jackie Chan with the Datuk title.

The 43-year-old actor stated via his post on his Facebook page yesterday, "What use is the datukship on the international stage... Give a datukship to people who risked their lives for others during the flood."

Afdlin expressed his discontentment on Jackie Chan's datukship.

Though some Facebook users supported Afdlin's statement, others bashed him for being negative and unsupportive towards someone who has indirectly brought Malaysia to an international level.

Comments from FB users.

This prompted Afdlin to post another statement 2 hours later which seemed to be sarcastic.

Afdlin's second post which seemed to contain sarcasm.

Datuk Jackie Chan received his Datuk title yesterday in conjunction with Federal Territories Day. The 60-year-old actor is among the 356 recipients of awards and medals where 71 of them including, Ustaz Kazim, received the same title as the international star.

Jackie Chan received the title at Istana Negara yesterday. (Photo source:

Jackie Chan's latest film is "Dragon Blade" which will arrive at Malaysian cinemas on 19 February 2015.

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