Christopher Nolan's 2017 film is a war epic

Christopher Nolan's 2017 film is a war epic

Nolan instructing Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy) during the production of
"The Dark Knight Rises".

28 Dec – It is announced that Warner Bros. and famed filmmaker Christopher Nolan are working together once again as Warner Bros. has just set a 2017 opening for Nolan's as-of-yet-untitled new project.

This film would be his first feature since the sci-fi "Interstellar", which opened late last year grossing over USD$600 million worldwide.

Warner Bros. has all rights on the new project but is keeping the details to themselves for the moment; however reported that Nolan's next film may be about Operation Dynamo that took place during World War II.

Operation Dynamo saw the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and other Allied troops evacuate the French seaport of Dunkirk back in May-June of 1940.

The operation was sanctioned when large numbers of Belgian, British, and French troops were cut off and surrounded by the German army during the Battle of France.

La Voix Du Nord in France reported news that Patrice Vergriete, the current Mayor of Dunkirk, recently announced an American blockbuster would be filmed there in June of 2016.

Christopher and his brother Jonathan Nolan (his frequent screenwriting collaborator) have been secretly scouting for locations in the area as well, so the rumours seem to be justified.

The film has already been set for release by Warner Bros. Pictures on 21 July 2017, so we're bound to get more details sometime in 2016, at least.

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