Fattah Amin, Raja Ilya to star in "The Gold Coins"

Fattah Amin, Raja Ilya to star in "The Gold Coins"

Fattah Amin and Raja Ilya are the main cast of "The Gold Coins".

6 Nov – Wollywood Productions is set to produce its debut feature called "The Gold Coins".

The movie will be directed by MP Roslin and will star Fattah Amin, Raja Ilya and newcomer Zarin Razi as the leads.

According to producer Yank Kassim, the movie, which fuses 1818 history with modern time, is an adventure movie that costs RM3 million to make.

"To produce a movie that involves history, we have to use a lot of CGI. We were at first worried because CGI needs a high cost.

"But we were encouraged by a few of our sponsors and with a budget of RM3 million, we're confident we will be able to produce much better CGI," said the producer to Malaysian Digest.

"The Gold Coins" tells the mystery of a bullet and gold coins left behind by an olden warrior known by the name of Panglima Garang.

The movie cast includes Redzuan Hashim, Yank Kassim, Ben Kanobi, Zuraini Kassim, Shahrul Ashikin, Keena Mentor and Ayuna.

Yank Kassim also revealed that the filming will take place in January 2016 at several locations including the Klang Valley; Muar, Johor; and historical state Malacca.

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