Fizz Fairuz wanted more action in "Cicakman 3"

Fizz Fairuz wanted more action in "Cicakman 3"

Fizz Fairuz plays Inspector Adam and Super Bro in "Cicakman 3".

5 Mar – Popular actor Fizz Fairuz, who stars as Inspector Adam and Super Bro in the latest "Cicakman" movie, said he was not satisfied with his acting in "Cicakman 3" as he did not get to do any fight scenes.

"Honestly, when I look back on my acting and compare it to the stuntman's, the difference I see makes me feel dissatisfied," said the actor to Cinema Online during the premiere of "Cicakman 3" recently.

"If it were up to me, I would redo the scenes. But the director did not allow me to do any 'heavy' scenes for fear of my safety."

As for his character Super Bro, Fizz revealed that it took him three hours just to don the superhero suit. "To be honest, putting on the suit was a torture. I had to get ready three hours before filming as the suit had to be put on piece by piece."

"It was hard to walk with the suit on. At times, the screws even broke and popped out of the suit!"

However, the actor added that the challenges he faced while filming as Super Bro were worth it and have given him a new experience.

"Cicakman 3" enters cinemas on 12 March 2015.

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